AWTC18 Recap

Written by AWTC18 Volunteer Maria Moturi: Twitter: @chanamaria94 

As I walked into the African Women in Tech Conference (AWTC18) on Saturday 10th November 2018, I was extremely excited. I don’t know if this was because it was being held at Radisson Blu Hotel in Upperhill or everything lined up for the day.

Being a Volunteer had thus far been an extremely empowering and exciting experience. As I prepared my brain to digest all that I was going to learn and my stomach all that I was going to eat, I couldn’t help but get awakened by the presence of very successful women in various fields.

When Michelle C. Russell; Vice President of Programs at went up the podium to give her Keynote speech, the smile across her face and her radiance got my attention immediately. Twenty-four hours of jet lag had nothing on her as her face lit up more than my well-rested face. She appreciated that the future was for the women who stay up late, make mistakes and those that learn to help build the future we want. Her speech gave me so much hope in my strong belief in women.

My head was already heavy with motivation when I attended the next session: Agile Ventures which was facilitated by Faith Ng’etich, a Ruby on Rails Developer at Andela. Going into the session, I had no idea what the session would entail. I adopted this blank mentality throughout the day as it helped me stay open minded during the sessions. She walked us through open-source learning for community projects. I also attended the React with Redux (by Facebook) session which was facilitated by Joy Waruguru where I learnt how to make coding experiences easier, faster and more effective with Redux.

The closing speech by Kechy Eke; the Product Manager for Firebase Performance Monitoring at Google made me feel relieved of my confusion as she told us about her journey into tech, her challenges and achievements.

All in all, the conference was one to remember as I made so many networks and learnt very many things that I would have otherwise not learnt. I can not wait to attend the 2019 conference and I will be looking out for those Early-bird tickets.


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