Be Seen!


Angela (Angie) Gachui – Africa Talent Manager at Dalberg

Angela (Angie) Gachui is a Certified Professional Coach and Talent Management strategist with over 15 years work experience, having worked in multiple geographies and industries.
Angie’s passion is about enabling others to unlock their potential to achieve and thrive in their chosen sphere of influence. She is the Africa Talent Manager for Dalberg Advisors, an avid traveler and vocalist who enjoys cooking, wine and exploring various artistic capabilities.
Connect: LinkedIn: Angela Gachui

Does it sometimes feel like despite your tech skills, capabilities and experience, there’s still something blocking you from BEING SEEN as a professional woman?
Whether it’s age; appearance; communication style or gender and cultural norms, there are perceptions and pitfalls that prevent us from occupying and influencing professional spaces that we are qualified for.
This fun,interactive and practical session will provide an opportunity for you to articulate common pitfalls and begin to create the action plan to solve for them.
1. How do you see yourself professionally?
2. How do you want to be seen professionally?
3. What steps can you take to get others to see you the way you want them to?

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