Design Thinking


Sharon Wangari & Pauline Kanana.


Sharon is a designer. She is currently an impact designer and the design manager at Nairobi Design Institute (NDI) and is based in Nairobi. She is experienced in working on challenges in health, financial inclusion as well as service design strategies. She solves problems by uncovering unmet needs and designing solutions that are meaningful and impactful.     

Connect: LinkedIn:Sharon Wangari Twitter: @wangarisharon IG: s_ancient


With a background in mechanical engineering, Pauline had been involved in projects that specialize in digital design and fabrication. She heads the design programme at Nairobi Design Institute and is excited about using design to preserve the empathetic connection with the community and improving their quality of life.

Connect: LinkedIn :Pauline Kanana Twitter: @KananaPauline


The design thinking workshop will be an interactive, engaging and fast-paced session where participants will get their hands dirty with actively working on a design challenge by applying the design thinking process. This workshop will be focused on designing a Mentorship Model that suits different archetypes. We will be exploring the unique and cross-cutting needs of the different archetypes across different fields and leverage that to design a model that could potentially be adapted by different institutions.

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