From Overwhelm to Organized; Technology Tips & Techniques to Serve You

Lee-Anne Ragan


Lee-Anne Ragan, M.Ed., B.SW. is the learning and development expert behind the internationally award-winning Rock.Paper.Scissors, Inc., where great minds come to play. By combining humanity, humour, inclusion, and the capacity to see infinite possibilities, she takes people and organizations from gridlock to greatness — and everyone walks away with a smile on their face.

Her engaging training for corporate, non-profit, and academic organizations and incisive one to one work have made her indispensible to everyone from the United Nations to individual entrepreneurs. Original, adaptable and ever-inspiring as a trainer and teacher, her work has taken her to Africa, Asia, the Arctic, Mexico, from coast to coast in Canada, and to the United States. A proud Canadian, she now calls Kenya home.

Connect: LinkedIn: Lee-Anne Ragan Twitter: @LeeAnneRagan Facebook: Lee-Anne

Workshop detail

Technology is supposed to make life easier … but more often than not it becomes just one more time suck.  Every other day there’s a new app or new software “you just have to try!” and you secretly wish everything would slow down  — to give you time to catch up.

I work with smart, savvy, seekers and meaning makers like you. Women (mostly) who are globally-minded and who are on a mission to change the world — or at least their small corner of it. Women who aren’t about to let a little thing like a slight(ish) fear of new technology hold them back.

Because all of the lovely new tech available to us really is a gift that can help us amp up our efficiency and make our lives sooo much easier. IF we can figure out how to harness it.  Enter this fun (I promise), interactive workshop where you’ll walk away energized, with renewed confidence plus:

  • 5 guidelines for engagement with tech (which have to do with feathers, horses and rabbits, plus re-writing Einstein’s theory of relativity
  • 12 examples tools for taking back charge of your life including tools to build community, to learn and for ease and efficiency and
  • 3 ways forward to help your learning ‘leave the room’

You’ve got this; you just need a little help in navigating all of that lovely new technology.


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