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Shadrack Kube – Cyber Security Engineer


Shadrack is a Cyber Security(Info-sec) enthusiast who has a passion in cyber security. He has intense knowledge on Red teaming(Offensive Security) which involves carrying out detailed penetration testing on Network and applications infrastructure and Blue teaming(Defensive security) which involves configuring different types of SIEMS and developing a highly secure network environment in any kind of organization regardless of it’s size. He has several certifications from different institutions. He attended Silensec Academy where he did Linux Ninja, Plus other Certifications in and, which are Online learning platforms. He also has passion in Web design, UX/UI design, and Systems administration which he has practiced in all the Companies/ Organizations he has worked for. Shadrack takes each and every day as an opportunity to learn new skills for the growth of both his career and company’s. More Information can be found in his LinkedIn profile.

Connect: LinkedIn: Shadrack Twitter: @shellcode254


Android Application security and API security with regards to reverse engineering, .Net apps and by passing app registration


Tracy Kimani

Journey into infosec as a woman

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