React with Redux


Joy Warugu – Software Developer at Guesty


Javascript dev, love-love relationship with ReactJS. Author at 

Connect: GitHub:Joy Warugu Linked: Joy Twitter:@joykare


  1. Setup
  2. React – JS library for creating front-end components
  3. Redux – State management tool
  4. Router – A routing library for single page applications
  5. Dev tools – Developer tools for debugging both React and Redux
  6. Todo List using react and redux – A simple real life application

Session goal:

By the end of this session, I hope to get everyone interested in trying out redux as a state management tool for react.  

Most importantly, I want for everyone to understand that using redux is not a MUST, and that we opt to use it depending on the situation we are dealing with.

Lastly, let’s have fun and learn some cool technology ! 


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