Recap – What Drives an Entrepreneur

Written by AWTC Volunteer Faith Musimbi Twitter:@faith_musimbi 

Akirachix was celebrating AWTC’s 5th Anniversary at Radisson Blu. I got a chance to attend a session on What Drives an Entrepreneur by Christopher Odongo from Wylde International. This session was interactive with the attendees giving their views on Entrepreneurship.

Chris not only led a discussion on the various motivations behind starting a business, but also challenged the attendees to brainstorm on the different setbacks that can be expected following each motivation as outlined below:

  1. Passion and Purpose: Some the negatives included; Might not be profitable, Overworking, lack of flexibility, Depression.
  2. Money and fame: Ethics and customer satisfaction may be sacrificed over profits. Entrepreneurs who venture into business for this reason tend to focus on the services they provide than the consumers.
  3. Freedom: Freedom is an illusion in business. Entrepreneurs who take freedom as a strategy tend to be absentee managers.
  4. Opportunity and Gap – Limited options, time bound, profit is not guaranteed, lack of motivation. Entrepreneurs who are driven by opportunity tend to become serial entrepreneurs as they focus on starting businesses with every opportunity that arise.
  5. Previously employed– They use the skills gained from their previous job to start their own business.
  6. Accidental – This type of entrepreneurs tend to lack potential of structure and funds for continuity.

Everyone left with a better grasp of what to expect venturing into entrepreneurship.

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